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Invisibles - Children's Book Crowdfunding Campaign

Like a lot of other parents, we struggle to make sure our kids get off their screens and go outside, play, interact with family, friends, and their surroundings. Invisibles are imaginative creatures to help them do just that. Imaginative play is one of the joys of childhood. These creative creatures encourage kids to balance screen time with other activities. Help us make this story available for children, educators, and their families to inspire conversation about balancing screen time.

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We would love to hear your feedback (especially from the children)
Feedback :
"The Principal at my child's school especially liked the positive message for today's kids/parents"
" ... moving forward, whenever something 'odd' happens here in 'IT', we'll say it's the work of the 'Invisibles' being bored because children are simply too engaged with their mobile devices. "