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Special Thanks

Kevin Anderson who gifted a book to Travis
C.C. who donated to Pine Grove Public School
K.C. who donated to Barbara Reid Public School
L.C. who donated to Aldergrove Public School
M.C. & L.K. who donated to Maurice Cody Public School
Daniel Cho who gifted a book and an amigurumi plushie to Serena
Sang Choi who donated to Millwood Jr. School
Sue-Jean Chung who gifted a book and an amigurumi plushie to Josh & Macy
Casey Daleman who donated to Sam Chapman Public School
Teena Ferrara who gifted a book to Grace & Cate
Aimee Ford who donated to Rick Hansen Public School
Laura Gatti who donated to Tommy Douglas Secondary School
Jennifer Giffen who donated to Adrienne Clarkson Public School
Kenji Hatanaka who donated to Glad Park Public School
Michael & Leah Kim who donated to Montessori
J.J. who donated to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Public School
M.L. who donated to Children's Garden School
Alisa Kim who donated to Norman Ingram Public School
Y.K. who donated to
Yukiko Kojima who gifted a book to Kai
C.M. who donated to James S. Bell Junior Middle Sports and Wellness Academy
C.M. who donated to Quaker Village Public School
D.M. who donated to
G.M. who donated to Mazo de la Roche Public School
Scott Monahan who gifted a book and an amigurumi plushie to Emmett, Serena & Callum
J.O. who donated to Alexander Muir/Gladstone Avenue Jr./Sr. Public School
the Raspa family who donated to Herbert H. Carnegie Public School
Sarah Surh who gifted a book to Nehemiah
Kris Van Horne who gifted a book and an amigurumi plushie to Ethan & Brooke
Charmaine Wong who donated to Williamson Road Public School
Daniel Yoon who gifted a book and an amigurumi plushie to Evelyn & Elyssa


We would love to hear your feedback (especially from the children)
Feedback :
"The Principal at my child's school especially liked the positive message for today's kids/parents"
" ... moving forward, whenever something 'odd' happens here in 'IT', we'll say it's the work of the 'Invisibles' being bored because children are simply too engaged with their mobile devices. "